RUBY  2017, poplar, 46x29x31(inch)

    Ruby is an artistic, functional table. I designed the joint part inspired by the stone setting in the jewelry class. Diamond is such a precious and beautiful. When people make the ring with the diamond, stone setting provide the ring strong structure. Also, people can appreciate the precious stone at the same time. I wanted to find a precious wood and make them special. I  found the poplar which was quite old and had dynamic patterns on the surface.  I curved the edges of the tabletop and legs by hand. 

    People separate the space for efficiency. For instance, one of my friends can’t work at home. She decided to make the house a resting place and studio as the workplace. I also agreed with her idea that space can provide people’s mood and concentration. Therefore, I decided to make a table with multiple table tops. Each top has a different size for different purposes.


    The largest top is 23 inches wide and 29inches high, so it can be easily used with different chairs. This top is designed for working time or break time. The top has plenty of space to place a laptop or a couple books on top. If a friend is visiting, then the top can easily turn into a tea table for two.  


    The smallest top is 7 inches wide and 24inches high. This top is designed for cellphone and beverage. Sometimes having a smartphone in sight will distract people’s concentration on the task, therefore if we place the phone on another level, the focus time might be increased.  Also, to decrease the possibility of having beverages knocked over the laptop. This level will be a useful part for users to place their beverages away from their working platform. The largest top and the smallest top are built close to each other in order to have quick access between using things that are on different levels.


    The mid-size top is the only top that is far from the other two tops. The height of this top is designed to meet the height of a person sitting on the floor. Many people, including myself, enjoy working while sitting on the floor, and this design is a bonus to users who like to sit on the ground when they work.