The Sound of Conscience

  Conscience can be defined as something that distinct the value of materials and deals whether an act is morally right or wrong, good or evil. However even through a person who has a very distinct view toward right or wrong, cannot always act conscientious. This is because our life has many factors that seduce us to the wrong path. Ironically, the major driving force that distracts our will and purposes to do something is ourselves.  We always know that we should do the right thing, however a giant invisible wall is blocking our way. We all seem to be scratching this ‘wall' out of our way, however we soon find ourselves building up a new one and preventing ourselves from doing the right thing.  

  We should stop fooling ourselves and pick up the ringing phone of identity to find our true self and face reality.  However we often fear to step into reality and end up being allured to our whispering inner voices. The writings in this piece of art are the excuses that we frequently say to ourselves.