Motion Musical Performance

  Based on the movement of the hand, the music changes. The volume of the music gets louder when both hands are raised, and the volume of the music shrinks when both hands are down. I used this principle to adjust the rhythm of the music to change the music the way I intend to.

  This project has three types of beats in total. The left hand moves vertically to adjust clapping sounds and horizontally to adjust other music beats 1. The right hand moves vertically to adjust music beats 2. I choose tree music beats using a composing program called Ableton. I linked Ableton and a Kinect program called Synapse together. It makes Kinect sensor to recognize and adjust music.

    I was also able to visualize the movement of the hand. By using Synapse and Quartz Composer together to make a graphic that could track all the movements of the hand. Using the three programs, I constructed a project that plays music using movements.