Chair of Forgetfulness

  Theseus journeys to the underworld because his friend Peririthous desires to wed Persephone. However Persephone was the wife of the King of the underworld named Hades. Theseus plans to kidnap Persephone for his dear friend, but Hades soon finds out about this. Hades bursts with anger and he places Theseus in the chair of forgetfulness which is a seat that makes whoever sits on the chair forget everything about his or her earlier existence. Theseus sits in the chair of forgetfulness until Hercules who was visiting the underworld saves him. However a part of Theseus’s bottom gets torn out in the process.

  Motive from classic myths.  A seat in the underworld. Souls newly arrived in the underworld were seated in this chair to make them forget all about their earlier existence. Theseus and Peirithous were trapped in the chair and although Heracles managed to rescue Theseus, Peirithous was doomed forever.


  In daily life, we often forget ourselves and don't think while we are seated . People  just seat and time is going. And I want to make them wake up.