Dotime Device

  The work deviated from merely focusing on the definition of the word time. One of the unconventional expression linked to the word is “Do time,” which is an informal way of saying “do prison time”. On the basis of this word, the time in prison and out of prison is the main theme. Also, the English pronunciation of “do” can be translated as “two” in korean. This coincidental connection can intensify the meaning with “two different time in different space”. The time has absolute velocity and the individuals can never control it. However based on where they belong the absolute velocity of the time can be differently perceived.

    The center part of asymmetric structure represents the absolute velocity of time and it is connected to the back wheel of the bicycle. The entire body of the device rotates constantly by the power that is operated by bicycle. It seems to have different velocity of rotation due to the asymmetric structure and gap of each space. Also the LED lights that are installed on the edge of each pole maximizes the rotation of the device.