Our memory is not continuous. As time pass, memory gets vivid and gaps are created just like a snap shot.

When one piece of memory is reflected back to us, we try filling up the gaps surround that moment.

 One day, I randomly remembered a piece of memory. I’m sure this memory is not a very valuable or a core piece of memory that takes place in my life, since I can’t even remember whether it was ten years or twenty years ago. Sometimes memories that are so mundane and common pop up in the middle of our daily lives. A few days ago I reflected on a random memory from the past. I remembered how I used to draw the curtains to look outside the window when I was a little girl. Reflecting back to my childhood made me nostalgic. But I’m sure the little girl in that piece of memory felt quite different. I in that memory felt disappointed, because it did not snow outside. I believed that when the weather got colder, it would definitely snow, but when I drew the curtains, there were only trees with fallen leaves in the shady park. The disappointment that I have gone through at that time has been overpowered by the nostalgic feeling that I’ve got right now. The emotion that I currently have with this piece of memory has been redefined. 

  The word "recollection" means gathering up past memories. By gathering up pieces of memories from the past and today, I learned that there is a filter between the past and today. This filter has changed my feelings toward a certain memory. The overall phenomenon has allow people to reflect back on their hard times and conclude that such memories has been the bitter sweet part of their time.