Concept - Folklore about the threshold 


Sometimes I find the moment when familiar things change into strange. Although that moment is used to be like itself, it makes people feel that they are in another world. There is a folklore “don’t step on the threshold when entering a room.” in Korea. Because people believe the threshold is the boundary of the world we live in and the other world. In the past, the threshold was quite high which is different with these days. When people move coffin from home, people used to put a bucket on the threshold and broke the bucket with the coffin. It was a ceremony to break the bond with the house and dead man. Therefore, the threshold was the last thing that dead people passed by.  People start to think the threshold is the boundary of another space. Threshold, the line between the inside and outside is not only dividing two spaces but also it functions as a connection to another world.  I got the idea from this folklore and decide to make a space where people can think about another world. 

Thesis exhibition

 If people look at the imitated space inside, their figure will appear on the screen on their back.

 Exhibition space

For thesis exhibition, I make a space where people can think about the real and fake. 

I had 5x5x10 (ft) space for the exhibition and my plan was using whole space as my work.


1. Number of works

 One mirror, a box, a screen,

2. Size of work

- Screen size : (0.7 ~1)ft x(10)ft

3. Type and size of space

- 5X10ft three walls and a ceiling

- Install a small box(6x6x12 inch ) on the back of the left wall.

- Space between the back wall and right wall to install screen.



4. Lighting 

-The small space on the left  is exactly as same as the exhibition space

- Exhibition space should be dark for people can check their figure on the screen.

-  The small space has a camera behind the mirror.

- Since the mirror was a two-way mirror, it can hide the web camera but the video is very dark.

-  In the small space, the light should be bright enough for the web camera to capture the viewer's figure.


5. Challenge

- I had a hard time to adjust the brightness of the light. Small space on the left need bright space and the exhibition space should be dark. 

Since both spaces should be the same, I need to test the lights to find the perfect brightness.